District 9 Results and Award Duplicates

District Results: The D9 winners have been posted here: District Awards: The trophies and certificates are being created now and will ship on the 19th. They will be shipped directly to the club presidents and you will be notified … Continued

ADDY 33 Awards Ceremony

The theme for ADDY 33 is Hats Off to You and is Saturday, February 25, 2012, at the Diamond Room (2340 W. Grand, Springfield, MO 65802).  Your hosts for the evening will be the fun and entertaining Tom Trtan and … Continued

ADDY Certificate Reprints

Reminder, we are still accepting ADDY Certificate Reprints for $15 each! Please contact Christa Clemenson at or Dianne Davis at to submit your order!

ADDY Aftermath-ADDY Certificate Reprints and District Forwarding

What a great turnout we had at ADDY 32, Saturday, February 5, 2011.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s ADDY competition!  Congratulations to our 2010 Special Awards’ winners: Homer Tindle, Dan O’Day with Midwest Family Broadcasting; Anita … Continued

ADDY 32 – Join the Game!

Join the Game, the 32nd Annual ADDY Awards! The ADDY Awards Ceremony will be held on Saturday, February 5, 2011 at the University Plaza Convention Center. Kirk Elmquist will be your emcee for the night, so you know this will … Continued

The 2010 Jane Meyer Award for Best Nonprofit Advertising

Attention Ozarks Area Nonprofit Organizations: Each year, as part of its advertising awards program, AAF of the Ozarks recognizes the best local nonprofit advertising/PSA campaign with the Jane Meyer Award. Jane Meyer was a broadcast pioneer who served as President/General … Continued


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PayPal Payment Option Now Available!

The AAF of the Ozarks is happy to announce that PayPal is now available to make your payments for monthly luncheons, events such as Ad Trivia, merchandise, memberships, ADDY’s, etc.  There will be an upcharge of 3% to cover the … Continued